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Product Catalog - Gebr. Rosin GmbH


I made a product catalog of some specific products from the company I work in.
The company sells coffins and advertises with nature products and quality.

So I made a product catalog for the company and the customers.
It was my first catalog ever – made in Photoshop.

Gebr. Rosin GmbH
Design, Graphic Design


The idea was to create and design a brand new product catalog for the customers of the company.

The company want to show their new and old collections of coffins with a new idea and present the quality of their products.


The result was a brand new catalog with a new given design and a catalog that represents the company.
It was a little challenge for me to design this catalog for my client but I am very proud of my final product.

All in all my client was very happy to present the new catalog for the customers.

And it was a good time to learn how to design and structure a catalog/brochure.

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